First Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the special period of time for every woman. At this time women’s body is exposed to numerous changes. Nearly on the second day after fertilization the woman can notice first symptoms of pregnancy. Sometimes they are mixed up with the cold or fatigue. It’s important to watch your body and take signs of pregnancy as the serious symptoms when you guess at being pregnant. first symptoms of pregnancy

First Symptoms of Pregnancy – Nausea and vomiting

These symptoms of pregnancy appear as the first. Feeling sick is very nagging and can last for a long time. You can feel sick all day. The intensity of nausea depends on the woman’s body. Most women observe the intensity of nausea especially in the morning and in the evening. Nausea often leads to vomiting. It’s very burdensome sign of pregnancy especially when you are at work. Besides, you have to be very careful when you are sensitive to smells and avoid the smell which causes that you feel sick. The reason of nausea and vomiting are the changes of hormones which take place at the beginning and are the first signs of pregnancy. The ailments should ease after two or three weeks after fertilization. It’s important to be on a special diet at this time. You can’t allow to have your stomach empty. Food containing a lot of proteins and carbohydrates is the most appropriate diet. To manage with these first symptoms of pregnancy, you should also eat something light for breakfast and before you getting up, you should stay in bed for 15 minutes. You should also eat less but more often and eat your last meal at least one hour before going to sleep. In case of having these symptoms of pregnancy for more than four months and the symptoms are frequent and result in losing weight, you should visit your gynecologist.

First Symptoms of Pregnancy – Emotional rollercoaster

Mood changes are caused by hormones. They are mistakenly associated with the effect of being under stress. However, mood swings are very characteristic symptoms of pregnancy. If you have problems with changes of mood during menstruation, you will probably have emotional rollercoaster when you’re pregnant. The increase of such hormones as endorphins and adrenaline have the influence on the good mood and are natural painkiller.

First Symptoms of Pregnancy – Appetite

During the first term, pregnant women most often lose their appetite. This sing of pregnancy is caused by constant nausea. It’s the normal symptom. After this time, when nausea and vomiting cease, pregnant woman has a huge appetite. The increase of demand for food is connected with the high demand for nutritional ingredients. The fits of hunger can be very strong. Having a huge appetite is the normal sign of pregnancy but the weight of pregnant woman should be under control. Fast putting on weight is very unhealthy for the woman’s body. If you have fits of hunger it’s good to eat food that is high in fibre content such as wholemeal bread or vegetables. This food will deliver the feeling of fullness. Loss of appetite in third period is dangerous . It can be caused by the pressure of stomach. In this case it’s important to eat responsibly and talk with the doctor in case of having doubts.

First Symptoms of Pregnancy – Fatigue, faint and dizziness

Dizziness and faints are the most common symptoms of pregnancy in the first period. It’s connected with the decrease of blood pressure. Sudden movements can cause dizziness because in pregnant woman considerable amount of blood circulates around the uterus. Escalated dizziness leads to faints. Dizziness can also occur when there isn’t enough iron or glucose in blood. When you feel dizzy it’s good to sit down and rest. Faints can be also caused by neglecting your body. The lack of energy will equalize healthy snack. In order to avoid dehydration of your organism, it’s important to drink enough water. Besides, everyday activity will help to cope with these symptoms of pregnancy. Nothing will replace outdoors walk.